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When developing the Barefoot Mosquito System, our goal was to reduce pesticide exposure, usage, and runoff into the environment. We also wanted to harness the power of nature by utilizing as many natural products in our solution. We wanted it to be affordable and, most important, it had to be effective. We are proud to have accomplished all of these goals to deliver the most effective solution available to each of our valued customers.

The Barefoot Mosquito successfully integrates natural essential oils into our solution that yield the highest repellency of mosquitoes. Our 99% natural solution contains less than 0.5% pesticide, called a synthetic pyrethroid. A pyrethroid bases its synthesis on the pyrethrin derived from the chrysanthemum plant.

Our solution is applied as a low volume mist, not a spray, so it doesn’t saturate a property with unnecessary pesticides, but dries quickly, allowing our customers to enjoy their outdoor living environment minutes after the technician leaves the property.

Our products are water repellent, so degradation due to rain is reduced, resulting in long-lasting results that stand up to the weather.


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I've using Barefoot for a about a year now and their product is incredible. Once a month we have the same service technician come out who is super polite and courteous and does a great job at explaining the products and how they work. We use them for mosquito control as we back up to a pipeline which often has sitting water and were overridden with mosquitoes. Since we have used them I can honestly say we've lived mosquito free in our yard which is great when you have a dog and 18 month old who run around out there! I would highly recommend their service to anyone!! Mosquito Control
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Barefoot Mosquito Control System
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