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Professional Termite Treatment Service

Termites. These dangerous little insects can often go completely undetected as they wreak havoc on your home. They can eat away at the supports of your home quickly causing thousands of dollars in damage and the need for extensive repairs.

The initial discovery of termites in a home immediately prompts a lot of questions for homeowners. How much damage have they done? What areas have been infested? How can I get rid of the termites? Luckily, the highly trained and experienced techs at Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control can quickly access the damage to your home and create an effective treatment plan for you.

What Are the Dangers of Termites?

Termites wreak havoc everywhere they go. Not only will they destroy the wood in your house, but they’ll also go after cloth, paper, and carpet too. The voracious appetites of termites won’t just cause a minor headache for a homeowner as they can potentially destroy the actual structure of a home. This creates a safety risk and could force you to shell out thousands of dollars for repairs.

What Are the Signs of Termites?

Termites are silent destroyers, making it difficult to detect their presence. Most people don’t realize they have termites until the timbers of their homes are severely damaged and surface changes are finally visible.

However, there are signs, and if you’re careful, you can stay ahead of severe damage from termites. They leave behind wood dust, tunnels, and mud tubes that are visible to a homeowner who is carefully looking for signs of termites. The challenge is that many of these signs are in places that you may not be regularly monitoring. It’s a good idea to call in a professional exterminator to do a termite inspection of your home every three to four years for termite control and to stay on top of potential damage.

Termite Inspection and Treatment

At Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control, our termite inspection and treatment process guarantees complete eradication..

We offer three termite services:

  • Termite Prevention and Warranty Program: This service provides proactive exterior prevention treatments with a limited warranty. This is our most affordable service.
  • Conducive Conditions Only: This termite treatment service provides subterranean and interior termite treatment in likely active areas. It offers a low eco impact and comes with a full warranty.
  • Full Home Treatment: This termite service provides treatment for the full perimeter and all plumbing penetrations. It also comes with a full warranty. This is our most expensive treatment service.

Every termite treatment we provide is thorough and complete. We want you to feel safe and confident in your home, and we come back to check every termite monitoring station at least every three months to ensure new colonies cannot enter your home.

The Barefoot Guarantee

We guarantee complete termite eradication. We first identify harborage inside your home. Once we know the extent of the infestation, we apply kill treatments directly to the termite populations. We then establish a safe residual barrier against any emerging activity. Finally, we maintain active monitoring for any approaching termite colonies.

Our termite warranty is the most client favorable in the industry. Our paperwork is simple, and it’s easy to make a claim if termites reemerge.

Termite Treatment Cost

The cost of treatment depends on the size of your property and the area that needs to be treated. When you already subscribe to our pest prevention service, adding a termite treatment program is more cost effective. For a quote, please call our office at (512) 400-2008 or request a quote online.