Outdoor Events

Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control’s staff are experts in helping to create the perfect bug free environment for your outdoor event. Texas is home to many of the most desirable outdoor locations to host weddings, retreats, graduation parties and corporate events. Besides bad weather, biting insects like mosquitoes, chiggers, ants, and even flies can quickly ruin an event. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about the weather, but the good news is we can control the insects for your event before it starts giving you the peace of mind to plan your party without the unwanted guests.

Mosquito Control

The most requested service, our mosquito misting application will quickly kill mosquitoes in the grass, bushes, trees, and other vulnerable areas around your outdoor setting. Our unique method will then reduce mosquito presence for several days after the treatment, leaving your area clear of swarming mosquitoes.

Chigger Control

Many lawn and turf grass areas in the texas outdoors are afflicted by a very small biting mites called chiggers. These mites live in shady, grassy areas and seek for humans for blood meal. Like mosquitoes, their bite is very itchy and tends to last for several days longer than a mosquito bite. People do not know they have been bit by chiggers until 6 hours after they have been exposed. For this reason it is wise to ensure the ground cover has been thoroughly treated for these mites prior to the event.

Fleas and Ticks

Both of these parasitic feeders target animals before humans. However, they will still bite and live on human hosts. Fleas and ticks will use contact with human hosts to then access dogs and cats nearby. Our mosquito can be easily modified to incorporate an insect growth regulator that will knock down and eliminate flea and ticks around your event.

Fire Ant Control

Fire ants seem to be as common as grass itself. The good news is Barefoot can guarantee fire ant elimination for 12 months with only one application. If your wedding venue, school playground of any other gathering area is frequently used then our effective fire ant control program is right for you.

Pricing & Scheduling

Prices are determined by the scope of work. Many large event properties are evaluated at $190.00 per hour which includes time and material. Site visits are normally performed at no charge to assess the scope of work for each unique outdoor event.

HOA & Multi Unit Communities

Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control has become a very appealing choice for many HOA and Multi unit communities because our service appeals to all residents including those that are concerned about more natural approaches. Our emphasis on low impact treatments reduces the concerns that many residents have. Our multi unit experts carefully target our materials in those problematic regions, resulting in cost-savings while establishing effective control.  Your residents will never sacrifice the quality of control for the more reliable option that is Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control.

Mosquito Control Service

Each HOA complex has different needs we can accomodate a scope of service as small or as large as may be required. Common areas that request mosquito service are:

Pest Control

Similar to our mosquito control treatment, Barefoot’s pest control finds perfect balance of effectiveness with consideration to our environmental impact.  Our approach saves our HOA clients thousands of dollars while ensuring the highest commitment to our environment.

Pricing & Scheduling

Prices are determined by the scope of work. HOA and multi unit communities range from just treated the pool and picnic area to treated every home in the complex. A free site visit assessment will allow for the most competitive pricing. Our specialist can recommend treating only those areas that conform with the priorities and goals of the HOA board.

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