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Scorpion Control Services

Scorpions are a nuisance in San Antonio, Austin and Houston. While no life-threatening scorpion species exist in Texas, their sting can be extremely painful. Scorpions may attempt to enter a home to seek warmth, a safe place to hide and a readily available food source.

Do you need to get rid of scorpions in your home or business establishment? Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control can eliminate these nuisance creatures by implementing a targeted approach that begins with identifying the source of the problem. Our process is effective and can achieve meaningful control without always relying on pesticides to do the heavy lifting.

How to Get Rid of Scorpions

Implementing an “outside-in” strategy can prevent scorpions from entering your home. Start by clearing away brush and debris that make inviting habitats for these stinging creatures. If you have piles of firewood, keep them at least 30 feet away from your house. Remove sources of standing water and seal cracks and crevices to prevent scorpions from getting inside.

If you’re concerned that scorpions are already in your home, check closets, cabinets and other dark places where they tend to lurk.

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Signs of a Scorpion Infestation

Scorpions tend to be loners, which can make it more challenging to find them in your home. The best time to spot them is at night when they’re hunting for food. Because scorpions have a glowing exoskeleton, you can often detect them with a black light or an ultraviolet LED flashlight.

You can sometimes tell if you have scorpions by the smell — they emit a distinctive sulphuric odor that mimics rotten eggs. A sudden increase in the volume of dead bugs in and around your home can sometimes indicate the presence of preying scorpions. You may also notice piles of small droppings that resemble grains of sand.

You can attempt to get rid of scorpions by applying scents such as lavender, cedar, cinnamon and peppermint in infested areas. Glue traps are also available that can also catch other household pests.

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Make Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control Your Scorpion Exterminator

At Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control, we offer effective scorpion control solutions that provide an alternative to traditional methods. Our approach attempts to keep pests from entering the home while reducing the risks of pesticide exposure. We pay special attention to protecting vulnerable areas that scorpions are likely to target.

Habitat elimination is another cornerstone of our process. We’ll apply lawn granulation and other treatments to keep lawns, garden beds and other heavy-vegetation areas free of scorpions and other pests before they invade your home.

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Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control offers affordable, effective scorpion control services in Austin, Houston and San Antonio, Texas. We recognize that most pest problems require fast action — count on us for a rapid response. We also guarantee your satisfaction. If scorpions reappear between service calls, we'll return and reapply the treatment at no additional cost. Don't let pesky scorpions settle into your property. Contact us to request more information and a free quote today.

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