Pest Control for HOAs

Our pest control is an essential service for homeowners associations (HOAs), as we can help prevent and remove infestations in HOA properties. Regular pest inspections and treatments can identify and eliminate pests before they become a problem. This helps prevent damage to your buildings, reduce the risk of health hazards and save your association money in the long run.

Pest Control for Multi-Unit Communities

Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control is an ideal choice for multi-unit communities because our services will satisfy all residents, especially those who prefer more naturally-based methods for pest control. We take a low-impact approach to our treatments that is kinder to the environment.

Also, our multi-unit experts will already be aware of the key problematic areas. As a result, our team can carefully target what is needed for optimal pest control, which ultimately leads to cost savings for you.

Benefits of Our Pest Control for HOAs

Some key benefits of enlisting our services are:


1. Preventing Infestations

Regular pest inspections and treatments can identify and eliminate pests before they become a problem.


2. Protecting Property Values

Pest infestations can affect your property value negatively. Potential buyers may be deterred by the presence of pests and existing residents may be reluctant to renew their leases or sell their homes.

Regular pest control services from our experts can help protect your property values by ensuring that your HOA properties are pest-free and well-maintained.


3. Preserving Health and Safety

Pests can carry disease and affect the health of your residents by causing allergic reactions. Our services enable your residents to be more comfortable and reduce uhealthy exposure to pests.


4. Complying With Regulations

HOAs are responsible for complying with local, state and federal regulations related to pest control. We can help you comply with these regulations to prevent legal action and fines.


5. Offering Peace of Mind

Our expert pest control can provide the reassurance that comes with knowing that the properties in your association are pest-free.


6. Providing Environmental Consideration

We offer sustainable pest control solutions, so your HOA can benefit from our reduced environmental impact. Our team provides effective pest control methods, such as our mosquito control for HOAs, with the utmost consideration for the impact we have on the environment.


Common Service Areas

Common areas that we serve include:

  • Individual resident yards
  • Sports courts
  • Picnic and pool areas
  • Dog runs
  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Bordering green belts
  • Drainage ponds
  • Walking trails
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Our prices depend on the scope of what is needed. Pest control for HOAs can range from treating the communal outdoor areas, such as the pool and picnic spots, to ensuring each property in the multi-unit community is treated too.

We offer a complimentary site visit and assessment so that we can provide the most competitive quote for your community pest control needs. Our team can also focus on treating the specific areas that align with your homeowner association’s pest control needs and priorities.

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