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Protect your property from expensive termite damage

Non-Intrusive Termite Prevention

Termites have long been the leading cause of home damage in Texas for decades. Termites live deep underground and emerge to the surface to consume wood. Termites are drawn to manufactured wood like fences, decks, sheds and most importantly, the wood frame of your home.

The best way to protect your most valuable possession is through proactive termite prevention. Barefoot offers two different ways to protect your Texan home against these invaders while minimizing our eco footprint. We accomplish complete termite protection in the following two ways.

Termite Treatment Plan Options

termite prevention guarantee
Termite Prevention Service

This entails bi-annual treatment applications carefully around all likely termite feeding areas, including all wood-to soil-contact and other sensitive areas of the home. A thorough inspection is performed every six months in addition to the treatment applications. Should any termites or other wood-destroying organisms appear on the property while on the termite prevention service, Barefoot will return at no cost and eradicate termites from the area. This will stop the termite encroachment upon your home.

termite safeguard service
Termite Safeguard Service

This service is common for homes older than five years, as well as ones with either previous termite activity or current evidence of active termites. It is the most comprehensive of the approaches to preventing termites and the most gentle to the environment. It employs subterranean bait stations containing treated wood that only termites consume and deliver back to the colony. It eradicates termites completely and safeguards the structures as long as the bait stations remain filled and monitored. No chemical spraying is needed, and only termites are affected by this treatment.

The more economical option, the Termite Prevention Service, is common for homes built within the last 10 years and ones that have never had evidence of termite activity. Speak to one of our termite experts about what will suit your home’s needs the best.

What to Look For

Termites are silent destroyers, making it difficult to detect their presence. Most people don’t realize they have termites until the timbers of their homes are severely damaged, and surface changes are finally visible. However, there are signs, and if you’re careful, you can stay ahead of severe damage from termites.

close up of a termite
termite damage to house foundation
termite tunnels on wood

They leave behind wood dust, tunnels and mud tubes that are visible to a homeowner who is carefully looking for signs of termites. The challenge is that many of these signs are in places that you may not be regularly monitoring. It’s a good idea to call in a professional exterminator to do a termite inspection of your home every three to four years for termite control and to stay on top of potential damage. Signs can also be as straightforward as having a termite swarm in your house

Carpenter Ants

close up of a carpenter ant

Carpenter ants and other wood-destroying insects are also included in our termite prevention program.

Carpenter ants capable of reproduction have wings, making them easy to confuse with termites. Unlike termites, these insects don’t actually eat wood — they bore into it to make tunnels for finding food and raising their young. A well-established colony can contain up to 10,000 ants capable of creating a nuisance and even damaging your property’s wooden structures.

These insects prefer wood with a higher moisture content, which means their presence can also indicate a moisture issue with the property. Desirable nesting sites for them include insulation, door and window frames, and hollow beams and walls.

Contact Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control for expert help if you notice:

  • Small holes in wooden structures or framing.
  • Shavings resembling sawdust near wood.
  • Dead ants or insulation within the wooden shavings.
  • Rustling noises or previously solid wood that now emits a hollow sound.

Our Termite Prevention Warranty

Home termite treatment is an investment in your property’s integrity, and Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control wants you to feel confident about making it. That’s why we offer extra peace of mind in addition to our affordable termite control. We always stand by our work, and we’re committed to long-term termite prevention for the customers we serve. Please contact us for more details about our termite warranty.

Pricing & Scheduling

Termite prevention treatment costs vary on the size of the home. Termite Safeguard is quoted on-site. Linear foot measurements of the structure are needed to provide the exact termite barrier treatment cost.

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