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While most spiders are harmless to humans and pets, that doesn’t mean we want to share our spaces with them. Because spiders prey on roaches, ants and other insects, an infestation of these eight-legged critters could indicate that other bugs are nesting in your house and have attracted their attention.

When you need reliable pest control for spiders in Houston, Austin or San Antonio, the experts at Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control can come to the rescue. We know how to eliminate these creepy-crawly creatures by taking a more natural approach. Our spider treatment methods minimize the hazards associated with traditional pest control processes, giving you peace of mind.

Common Spider Species in Austin, Houston and San Antonio

The warm climate in Texas provides the ideal conditions for many spiders to thrive, from harmless to venomous species. We are able to provide effective spider control in Austin, Houston and San Antonio due to our expert knowledge and experience with the various species that are common in these areas. Some of the spiders you may find invading your property include:

  • American house spiders: As the name suggests, these spiders can be found in any home throughout Texas. House spiders are usually yellowish-brown to tan with dark brown spots. They tend to be harmless but can bite when threatened.
  • Black widow spiders: These spiders are typically black with red markings. They are more on the dangerous side of spiders commonly found in the region because their bite is venomous and may lead to medical conditions requiring immediate attention.
  • Brown recluse spiders: Brown recluse spiders are another common venomous spider in Austin, Houston and San Antonio areas. With a distinctive dark brown marking, these spiders like to hide in dark spaces such as closets or basements. A bite from brown recluse spiders, though rare, can cause an allergic reaction that requires medical attention.
  • Wolf spiders: These large, hairy spiders are usually found outdoors, feeding on insects and small arthropods. Despite their size and intimidating appearance, wolf spiders are harmless to humans since their venom is not poisonous.
Steps for Spider Prevention

You can help stop a spider infestation before it starts by taking a proactive approach:

  • Remove webs: A web is a spider’s home. It’s also where many species lay their eggs. Knocking down and disposing of webs can prevent the population from increasing. Check corners, basements, attics, sheds and garages for webs to clear.
  • Eliminate their food supply: Because spiders primarily dine on insects, controlling other pests can serve two purposes — you get rid of the pests spiders feed on and the spiders themselves.
  • Try home remedies: Common items you may have in your pantry, like mint tea or white vinegar, may repel spiders — at least temporarily.
  • Seal gaps: Check for holes in screens, small cracks and crevices in walls and around windows, and other openings that give spiders access to your home.
  • Clean thoroughly: Spiders like to spin their webs in dark corners and other out-of-the-way locations. Don’t overlook these areas when cleaning your home.

These steps can help with preventing an infestation or getting rid of spiders in your home or business. However, working with pest control experts offers the most effective way of keeping these pests from entering and infesting your property. With our spider control services in San Antonio, Houston and Austin, we can help with your prevention efforts and develop a plan to ensure your property stays spider-free for longer.

Signs of a Spider Invasion

Spiders repelling from the ceiling or spinning their webs in various locations are the most apparent indications of infestation. You can also look for other telltale signs like droppings in the form of small black dots in corners and small white web balls that could be egg sacs.

You might be able to repel these pests by applying home remedies like peppermint oil and vinegar to the affected areas. An experienced spider exterminator can often provide more effective, long-lasting results.

Professional Spider Removal From Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control

At Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control, we offer spider control treatments in and around Austin, Houston and San Antonio designed to reduce spider populations and prevent invasions. We deliver our pest control for spiders with an approach that minimizes reliance on pesticides, limiting exposure or other effects associated with the treatment.

Our process focuses on establishing a foundation that kills pests before they enter your home and protects the most vulnerable areas. We’ll also eliminate spider habitats to make your property less inviting for these pests.

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Affordable Solutions With a Guarantee

Our highly-rated spider treatment programs will also fit your budget. We offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly plans at low prices, delivering excellent value for your money. We also guarantee your satisfaction. If a targeted pest reappears between treatments, we’ll return for another application at no additional cost. (Covered spider species include wolf, black widow, orb weaver and brown recluse.)

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