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Few things are more unsettling to a homeowner than seeing an ant scurry across the living room or kitchen floor. If you spot one ant, you could have an entire colony of up to 500,000 worker ants and several hundred queens living inside your home. Nesting ants can chew through electrical wires and drywall and invade your food supply.

At Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control, we can provide professional ant removal services in San Antonio, Austin and Houston. We know how to identify and get rid of the various ant species that can infiltrate a home or business establishment and cause extensive damage. Our naturally-superior approach to pest control is not only considerate to our clients, but effective too.

Helpful Ant Prevention Tips

With well over 250 ant species in Texas, you never know what kind of critter could be hanging out in or near your home. The best way to stop an infestation is to keep them from getting inside.

Ants are tiny, enabling them to squeeze through the smallest spaces. Inspecting your home’s exterior for small cracks and crevices and sealing them with a silicone-based caulk is vital. It’s also important to keep a clean, crumb-free kitchen and eliminate water leaks.

How to Tell if You Have Ants

Because of their diminutive size, you may not always be able to see ants in your home. However, any of these signs can indicate a potential ant problem:

  • Small mounds of dirt (ant hills) around your property
  • Insect wings on the floor or window sills
  • Rustling sounds in the walls
  • Trails of sawdust across the floor (carpenter ants)

Spraying for ants with an off-the-shelf product or using home remedies like black pepper, peppermint or white vinegar may repel ants — but only temporarily. It’s better to call a professional ant exterminator to provide a permanent solution.

Effective Ant Control Solutions

Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control can help you get rid of pesky ants and keep them from reentering your home or commercial property. We can implement a healthier approach to ant control that will deliver a reliable long-term solution.

While the process can vary depending on factors such as the ant species and the level of infestation, our general approach to ant control consists of these steps:

  • Establishing a foundation that kills ants before they can enter your home
  • Protecting the most vulnerable areas
  • Applying a granulation treatment to keep your lawn and garden beds free of ants
  • Physically removing ant hills and mounds
  • Implementing a perimeter treatment around your home
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Affordable Prices and Guaranteed Service

Our affordable rates and exceptional service make us the best choice for ant prevention and other pest control needs. We also back our work with a guarantee. If ants reappear between treatments, we’ll return for a reapplication at no additional cost. (Our guarantee covers fire, red, acrobat and sugar/house ants.)

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