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Everything we do at Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control is the result of years of dedication and professional research by our founders, Jason Revill and Joseph Barclay. We set out as professional exterminators in 1996 with vast expertise in pest life cycles, habits and environments. Soon after, we found ourselves frustrated by the lack of progress in management solutions — and on the path to a new approach.

Our History

As parents of small children, we were driven to find a better way to effective pest treatments. Our kids couldn’t enjoy the outdoors without mosquito bites, but we didn’t want to load up on pesticides as a trade-off. We knew there had to be more effective and naturally-superior pest treatments and decided to find them.

First, we joined the American Mosquito Control Association and consulted with global etymological experts. We then took this knowledge to botanists and combined it with our own experience with existing solutions. Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control was born from this collaborative expertise, and we tested our new approaches on our properties first.

The success propelled us to offer our new method to clients, who raved about what we helped them achieve. Referrals from our satisfied customers sparked tremendous business growth for us in Austin and empowered us to expand our footprint to other Texas areas.

Our Methods

As experts in mosquito control, we discovered early on that conventional tools created an unacceptable compromise. Traditional automatic misting sprayers helped reduce the mosquito population but had an unfavorable side effect in applying considerably larger amounts of pesticides. This wasteful approach made services more expensive and forced customers to choose between potential health consequences — uncomfortable bites and the possibility of mosquito-borne disease, or increased exposure to pesticides.

Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control revolutionized this approach to mosquito control by incorporating natural essential oils into the solution. This approach reduces the reliance of pesticides for a more affordable solution that generates effective pest control. Our unique method disrupts mosquito reproductive life cycles to decrease their presence on your property. Many of our customers experience up to 95% less mosquito activity by their third treatment.

Our Employees

Each Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control technician is licensed and insured for your peace of mind.

The Lone Star State mandates any individual performing Structural Pest Control Services (SPCS) to meet stringent criteria. As part of these requirements, our pest control experts:

  • Complete a rigorous apprenticeship.
  • Undergo hours of comprehensive classroom training.
  • Participate in extensive field training for each category they apply for certification in.
  • Pass a state-approved exam.

Our technicians are also fully insured in compliance with the requirements for insurance coverage set by Texas Structural Pest Control Services.

You’ll find responsive team members in our offices ready to answer your questions or help you schedule services. Our customer support representatives are dedicated to providing exceptional service with friendly, Texas-sized smiles.

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