The Birth of the Barefoot Mosquito

The company’s founders, Jason Revill and Joseph Barclay have been in the pest control business since 1996. Understanding the life cycles, environments, and habits of all household pests have resulted in effective treatments designed to eliminate pests while seeking to reduce pesticide exposure to their customers. Continually seeking for ways to improve their service led them to their discovery of the Barefoot Mosquito Control Method.

What initially motivated the founders is that they are parents of small children and found themselves frustrated with the hazards and annoyance of mosquitoes at their own homes, and the inadequate solutions available to the public. Most solutions relied solely on pesticides and that was unacceptable to them.

This propelled the founders into a quest to find a product to tackle the problem of mosquitoes that was 1) Effective 2) Affordable and 3) As natural as possible

To do this, they became members of the American Mosquito Control Association, and consulted with dozens of etymologists, including experts from all over the world.  What they found was a disconnect between the real experts and the most common methods offered.

“We learned from every conversation with urban etymologists that they loathe the automatic mosquito nozzle misting systems. Dumping dozens of gallons of pesticides on a property to achieve minimal control is not just expensive, but hazardous and downright irresponsible. Even if they use a manual misting service, they are usually quite limited as they only use pesticides” Jason Revill

They consulted botanists, etymologists, and other experts in the mosquito control industry to develop a unique method that incorporates natural oils into their solution.

“Customer’s don’t want to protect one area of their health (mosquito-borne viruses), while sacrificing another area of their well-being (increased pesticide exposure).” Joseph Barclay

Building upon their decades of experience combined with cutting edge research from experts in the field and proven natural remedies they developed the Barefoot Mosquito Control Method.

“We were very encouraged to experience the Barefoot system for ourselves and see just how well it worked. We could send our kids outside to play without spraying them and they would come inside hours later with no mosquito bites. We were even more encouraged by the response from our pest control customers when we began servicing their accounts. We have never experienced the power of word of mouth like we have with Barefoot. It’s very exciting.” Joseph Barclay

After unprecedented growth in the Austin area in 2014, the company is opening up branches across Texas in 2015, affording millions of Texans the opportunity to experience the Barefoot Mosquito Control Method for themselves.


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