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Pest & Mosquito Control Resources

See what areas Barefoot services in the greater Austin and Houston, TX areas.

Austin Area Mosquito & Pest Control Resources

City of Austin Mosquito Resources
City of Round Rock Mosquito Prevention Tips
Williamson County Fight The Bite Mosquito Management
Williamson County Managing Mosquitoes Around Your Home
City of Cedar Park Mosquito News
Pflugerville No Fly Mosquito Zone
Hutto Mosquito Control Information
Taylor Integrated Mosquito Management
San Marcos Vector Control

Houston Area Mosquito & Pest Control Resources

City of Houston Mosquito Prevention Recommendations
Harris County Mosquito Service Information
Harris County Mosquito and Vector Control
Mosquito Control Data Fort Bend County
West University Place Mosquito Control Info
City of Sugar Land Fight The Bite Mosquito Control
The Woodlands Mosquito Control

Dallas Area Mosquito & Pest Control Resources

Hot & Muggy Weather Means More Fleas
All The Secret Places Pests Like to Hide
Pests Becoming Problem For Families And Pets
Are Bed Bugs Crawling Around Your City?
Terminix Ranks Dallas-Fort Worth Tops for Mosquitoes
Local Dallas Resident and His Former Landlord in Bed Bug Infestation Suit
Mosquito Control
Helpful West Nile Related Resources From Dallas County
City of Dallas Home Mosquito Control Tips
Cockroaches – The Worst Bug in the World
U.S. Cities With the Biggest Mosquito Problem
Another Confirmed Case of Zika in Dallas County
Pest Control Services in Dallas
Helpful Mosquito Control Video
Tips to Get Rid of Fleas
Don’t let the bed bugs bite
Dallas Pest Control Companies on Yelp
Bug off! Professional and DIY ways to rid your home of fleas
Urban Entomology
The Texas Pest Control Association

General Mosquito Resources

Environmental Protection Agency Mosquito Control
Avoiding Mosquito Bites
Texas A&M Mosquito Control
Texas A&M Best Way to Control Mosquitoes
Insect Repellent Use & Safety
CDC Mosquito Control Resources
Keeping Mosquitoes Out of Your Yard
American Mosquito Control Association
Mosquito World Resources
Mosquitoes of Texas
Texas A&M Mosquito Control Resources
Current Status of Organized Mosquito Control in Texas
Mosquito Born Diseases

Zika Virus Resources

Zika Virus Mosquito Control Resources
Protecting Workers From Zika Virus Exposure
Travis County Zika Virus Resources
Texas Health & Human Services Zika Virus Updates
Zika Virus Risk For 50 U.S. Cities
County of Galveston Zika Updates
Zika Linked to Types of Mosquitoes
TWU Zika Resources
Houston Zika Research
Texas A&M Launches Zika Fighting App
The Rise of Zika Report

West Nile Resources

AustinTexas.gov West Nile Resources
West Nile Prevention in Lakeway, TX
West Nile FAQs
Texas Health & Human Services West Nile FAQs
Year-Round West Nile Virus Activity – Texas & Louisiana
Proximity of Residence to Body of Water – West Nile Risk
Williamson County West Nile and Zika Virus Report

Pest Control Resources

EPA Proper Pest Control Tips
National Pesticide Information Center