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If you wake up one night to find centipedes creeping around, this experience can be unsettling. Reclaim your home from these multi-legged pests with Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control. Our healthier approach to pest control eradicates insect invasions and helps prevent future infestations.

We back our work with our centipede warranty to give you extra peace of mind. If you spot these insects in your home between treatments, we will gladly return and retreat your property free of charge.

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Centipedes prefer living outside, but they may come looking for a more hospitable home when temperatures drop. These insects are attracted to moisture, so they often emerge at night in bathrooms and basements. Their bite can be painful but is generally not fatal.

If you see centipedes around your home or business, it’s important to contact pest control experts. Centipedes feed on roaches, silverfish, spiders, bedbugs and other insects. A centipede infestation could indicate that other pests have invaded your home as well.

Our experts are committed to long-term results you can trust. We thoroughly inspect your property before beginning treatment and stand by our work. If you spot centipedes after we’ve already come around, reach out to us. We will come back to finish the job. This warranty covers current infestations, not future issues.

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