Millipede Pest Control Warranty

Millipedes can find their way into your home or business when outside weather becomes inhospitable. Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control can manage your millipede invasion and prevent future pest infestations.

When we do a job, we do it right. We are so confident that we offer a millipede satisfaction guarantee on our work. If you spot millipedes between treatments, our experts will return to take care of the job once and for all — at no additional cost.

Outstanding Pest Control Results

Millipede infestations are not a common occurrence in homes. However, when it gets too hot, dry or rainy outside, they sometimes find their way to a more hospitable environment. This could include your crawl spaces, basement, wood pile or garage. Although these many-legged insects look a little like their venomous cousin, the centipede, they are mostly harmless. That doesn’t mean you want to share your property with them, though.

Before beginning a job, we personally inspect each space to find the source of your millipede infestation. We then treat the problem, utilizing a healthier approach to pest control that delivers reliable results. We are so confident in the effectiveness of our pest control solutions that we back our work with our millipede warranty. Retreatment is free if the issue continues between treatments.

Please note that our millipede warranty covers only the current pest control infestation.

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