Spider Control Warranty

Want to rid your home or business of spiders? Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control understands what it takes to eliminate these eight-legged pests so that you can reclaim your property.

Our experienced pest control experts provide effective, long-lasting results along with a satisfaction guarantee for extra peace of mind. If you see the telltale signs of a spider infestation after we have already treated your home, we will return between treatments at no additional cost.

What Spiders Are Covered?

We take pride in our work. Both before we treat and after we implement spider control measures, we want you to enjoy an outstanding customer experience. We are so confident that we back our results with a spider control guarantee.

Your community is our community. We care about serving local neighborhoods with the highest quality services. So, if our spider control measures are not completely effective, we want to know. We will return and take care of the problem once and for all.

Our spider warranty covers:

  • Brown recluse
  • Black widow
  • Orb weavers
  • Wolf spiders

Please note that our spider warranty does not cover future infestations. We offer affordable monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly spider control plans to keep your home creepy-crawly-free.

Experience Oustanding Results

If you want an affordable way to rid your home of spiders, look no further than Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control. We give pesky spiders the boot and back our services with our customer satisfaction guarantee. Learn more about our services and receive an estimate when you reach out today.

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