Do You Feel Like a Mosquito Magnet?

Do You Feel Like a Mosquito Magnet?

Are you one of those people that mosquitoes just can’t get enough of? While it’s nice to be wanted, it’s not your bubbly personality that’s bringing all the mosquitoes your way. No, mosquitoes are more attracted to certain humans than others for a variety of reasons. The kicker? You really only have control over a few of these reasons, and that’s why you’ll want to consider a professional mosquito control service to help with the reasons you can’t control.

Your Breath

Now, don’t get self-conscious. It has nothing to do with the garlic from today’s lunch. It’s about carbon dioxide, which is what you breathe out (regardless of what you ate for lunch). Carbon dioxide is the favorite attractant of pesky mosquitoes. They can even sniff it out from 50 yards away.

So, just the mere fact that you are a living, breathing human means mosquitoes will sniff you out.

The more carbon dioxide you emit (meaning, the bigger you are), the more attractive you are. That’s why adults are often targeted more than children. Pregnant women also exhale more carbon dioxide than others and are a particularly sweet treat for a mosquito.


Mosquitoes are also visual creatures, so they’ll gravitate towards someone they can see easily -meaning, if you’re moving, you’re much more visible. And you’re probably breathing heavier too, which means you’re exhaling more carbon dioxide.


Mosquitoes really love people who have been sweating a lot, and not necessarily those who are currently sweating. They like the mixture of sweat with bacteria, so fresh sweat just isn’t as attractive to the discerning creatures. Unfortunately, the malaria-carrying mosquito, Anopheles gambiae, is the mosquito that’s most attracted to sweat.

If you’re moving, sweating, and breathing, you’re incredibly obvious to a hungry mosquito. That pretty much includes everyone, everywhere.

Blood Type

So, if you just hold your breath, don’t move, and don’t perspire, the mosquitoes will skip over you right? Not exactly. It depends on your blood type. A study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that those with Type O blood were particularly attractive to mosquitoes.

How does that make you feel? A mosquito can actually sniff out your blood type. Like a vampire.

Good news if you’re Type A blood, though: You’re the least attractive to mosquitoes of all the blood types. Don’t take it personally, consider it a blessing.


Most people (up to 80% of humans) secrete compounds through their skin called saccharides and antigen. If you’re a secretor, you’re attractive to mosquitoes. There’s nothing you can do to become a non-secretor as it’s determined by your biology.

Lactic Acid

Mosquitoes are attracted to people with a buildup of lactic acid on their skin. How do you get a buildup? By being active. Washing regularly will help to keep lactic acid off your body.

Stinky Feet

Earlier we told you not to be embarrassed about your breath. Stinky feet on the other hand is something you should be embarrassed about, and if you have stinky feet, mosquitoes will come a swarming. That’s a little embarrassing.

Preventing Mosquito Bites

Since much of mosquitoes’ attraction comes down to genetics, preventing mosquito bites may seem like a lottery you just can’t win. You can do things such as wash regularly, wear mosquito repellent, and stay away from areas where mosquitoes tend to congregate – like around standing water.

Chances are no matter how hard you try though you’re never going to keep mosquitoes away completely by your own efforts alone. Luckily, Barefoot Mosquito can help where you can’t and get rid of mosquitoes for you so that you can enjoy being outdoors in your yard this summer.

Tired of Feeling Like a Mosquito Magnet?

Barefoot Mosquito can help. Come discover just how effective & affordable our mosquito control service is. Call us today at 512-400-2008 (Austin) or 713-554-9430 (Houston) or request a quote online!



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