It’s Mosquito Time in Texas!

It’s Mosquito Time in Texas!

It’s that time again this year to get ready for the little Texas blood suckers! Since we have had a significant amount of rainfall, then we’re going to have more mosquito activity, especially if we have a really heavy rainfall, because then we start getting the floodwater mosquitoes, but we can have mosquitoes around our homes all the time if we have standing water somewhere, and it doesn’t take a whole lot. So make sure you’re regularly emptying out any containers that might be holding water because those are prime mosquito breeding habitats.

The Barefoot Mosquito Control Approach

At Barefoot Mosquito, we implore a 4 tier Mosquito Control approach. We use a growth inhibitor that keeps mosquitoes from growing and hopefully from reproducing in all the freshwater from the rainfall. We use our 100% natural oils to do 2 main functions. Repel and Suppress! So what that means is that our proprietary blend of essential oils will keep the mosquitoes out of your yard. Mosquitos are highly sensitive to these essential oils so they don’t even want to come into your yard! Suppression is another one of the great things about using essential oils if we can stop them from biting altogether. We use a special oil that makes the female mosquitoes not even want to take a bite out of us!

And finally, we use a pet/human/environment-friendly product designed to kill the mosquito. With our extensive knowledge of products on the market we specifically choose products that do not disrupt environmental harmony! When we put all these methods of mosquito control together we get great results. In fact, we have under a 5% retreat rate for over 8 years!

Some believe that when the weather warms up, and it gets very hot here in Texas, that mosquitoes will just disappear or the mosquito numbers will go back down. Unfortunately, we usually don’t see it until it actually starts cooling off. When it starts to get hot, we may have a little bit less, but that’s usually when people start irrigating, so then we have that standing water again around the house.

Prevent Diseases with Mosquito Treatment from Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control

In 2023, Austin-Travis County reported two cases of West Nile virus, one of which resulted in a death. A total of 48 positive mosquito pools were identified throughout the area. To prevent or minimize the risk of such outbreaks, it’s essential to control mosquito populations effectively. Contact Barefoot Mosquito and Pest Control today and get signed up with our No-Risk Mosquito Treatment so you can enjoy your yard this mosquito season!

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