The Texas June Bug

The Texas June Bug

What is a June Bug?

Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control knows June bugs, also known as June beetles or May bugs, are a common pest for homeowners and gardeners. Their larvae also present a huge problem for plants and lawns. They get their name because they tend to show up in June here in Texas. There are at least 260 different types of June bugs that each pose a different kind of threat,  but the two most common types that you will come across are:

What Does the Common June Bug Look Like?

Common June Bugs range in color from blackish to mahogany. They have no markings and have a hairy texture on their underside. While the adult June Bug enjoys feasting on fruits, vegetables, and lush foliage, their larvae cause the most damage because they commonly eat the roots of backyard plants and lawns, leaving brown patches and decimated leaves in their path. June Bugs rest during the day and take flight in the evening. Luckily, these bugs are harmless and will not bite you or your pets.

Similar Bugs: Rhino Beetles and Ox Beetles

Rhino Beetles also range in color from blackish to mahogany. The biggest difference between the two is the size! Rhino Beetles are twice the size of a full-grown June Bug. These pests will feed on fruits and berries, which can be detrimental to home gardeners. Like the Common June Bug, the Rhino Beetle larvae will also nibble on your lawn and turf grass, posing another threat to your backyard.

Where to Find Beetle Larvae at Your Home?

Homeowners can find these different beetle larvae when digging in the soil or planting; the common name used for these larvae is “grub worms”. These are the biggest reasons why most people have brown or dead patches in their lawn. These larvae will feed on the roots of plants and lawns, particularly Bermuda and St. Augustine grass. Luckily, Barefoot Mosquito offers our Prescription Lawn Service which does a “grub” treatment during this season.

June Bug & Rhino Beetle Exterminators in Texas

If you are noticing June Bugs or Rhino Beetles in your backyard, don’t wait for the problem to go away on its own. Since most of the insects’ life cycle occurs underground, it will be quite difficult to exterminate on your own. So if you’re tired of seeing these beetles in your backyard and dealing with the brown patches in your yard, contact Barefoot Mosquito and Pest Control and sign up for our amazing Pest Control Service and our Prescription Lawn Service.

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