How to Prepare Your Home for Pest Control Services

How to Prepare Your Home for Pest Control Services

Pest control technicians get to the bottom of an infestation quickly. When you have unwanted visitors like mosquitoes, bed bugs, termites or rodents, it helps to prepare your residential space for your appointment. The guide below explains common steps to follow before your pest control expert arrives.

1. Relocate Furniture and Belongings

You can make a pest control technician’s job easier by clearing out large objects where treatments will take place. Think about the items you have close to walls, entryways, windows or gutters.

Push things like beds, couches, entertainment systems, tables, dressers and desks aside before professionals arrive on your property.

2. Clean up Messes

Insects and rodents are always on the hunt for food. Make sure you clean up drink spills, sticky residues and crumbs inside or around your property before a pest control appointment. This task can keep pests confined to one area instead of spreading to new locations.

Messes may also include piles of laundry, kids’ toys or storage boxes on the floor. If your pest problem is outside, know that piles of leaves, mulch, wood and grass make excellent hiding places for bugs and mice.

keep your pets secure

3. Keep Your Pets Secure

It’s best to keep any pets you have indoors and away from treatment areas. Your technician will let you know how long to wait before you can let your dog or cat outside again. Ensuring pets are in a secure area also allows your technician to work without disruptions.

4. Open Garages, Doorways and Drawers

Insects look for dark spaces to hide. Before your pest control expert comes, open up everything from garages, sheds and entryways to drawers, closets and cabinets. That way, your technician can search for pest activity without having to ask permission to access different areas of your home.

5. Remove Bed Covers and Sheets

This tip mostly applies when you suspect there are bed bugs living inside your residential space. Strip beds including pillows, sheets, skirting and covers so that your technician can look for the pesky insects.

It is recommended you wash everything in hot water and dry it using high heat. Refrain from placing bed covers and sheets back on mattresses until directed.

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