Where Do Mosquitoes Live Besides Your Home?

Where Do Mosquitoes Live Besides Your Home?

Mosquitoes are some of the most annoying creatures on Earth. Not only are their bites itchy and painful, but they can also carry dangerous and deadly diseases. Knowing where they typically live is valuable information to have when it comes to mosquito control. When you know where mosquitoes hang out, you can do everything possible to avoid them and to discourage them from calling your home their “home, sweet home.”

Even though temperatures are cooling down, you still need to know where mosquitoes live so you can make it clear to these annoying little insects that your home is not for them. Take the first step in keeping mosquitoes away by understanding where they tend to live.

They’re Everywhere

Unfortunately, mosquitoes are good at adapting. This means that while they do best in tropical and subtropical habitats, some species have also adapted to be able to survive many other environments. Some mosquitoes can hibernate, and others lay their eggs in ice so they can hatch when the temperatures warm up. In fact, the only place mosquitoes are not found on Earth today is Antarctica.

Near Humans and Animals

Male mosquitoes eat nectar and other non-living things, but females need the nutrients found in blood to help their eggs develop. Because of this, they set up their breeding sites near humans, livestock, wild animals, or birds.

Near Artificial Areas With Standing Water

Mosquitoes need water for breeding. They lay their eggs in water, and the larvae live there until they are mature enough to move out on their own. This transformation can be as short as four days, so if you leave a bucket of water in your backyard for just a week, it’s possible an entire family of mosquitoes could hatch right in your backyard. Outdoor birdbaths also attract mosquitoes, but luckily, the chlorine in swimming pools will keep them away.

Near Natural Areas With Standing Water

Swamps, lakes, ponds, ditches, and even lawns or gardens with standing water are particularly attractive to mosquitoes. If you live near an area with one of these bodies of standing water, make sure you avoid going near the water during dawn and dusk, when mosquitoes are most active. To further protect you and your home, fix holes in your screens and seal up gaps in your doorways so mosquitoes can’t enter your home. And consider hiring a pest control company to keep mosquitoes out of your home and yard.

Near Vegetation

Mosquitoes can often be found near bushes, trees, and other vegetation. They’re quite fond of tree holes that are filled with rainwater. Keep your yard clear of debris and your bushes and trees trimmed.

Rain Gutters

Clogged rain gutters are a dream come true for mosquitoes. The trapped debris keeps water still and in one place. Plus, it’s a protected location, unnoticed by predators. They may also start a family in areas on your roof where water collects. Take the time to clear your rain gutters, and keep up on that maintenance routinely to avoid giving mosquitoes a place to settle down. You could also look into gutter guards from companies such as MastershieldAtl so you don’t have to keep making sure your gutters are debris free, as often.

Buckets and Flower Pots

One of the most common places for mosquitoes to live is the buckets, flower pots, and other cans in your yard. These items are often left out without a second thought, and they fill up with water from rainstorms or sprinklers. Mosquitoes will waste no time in moving in and calling your watering can home.

Cellars and Vacant Houses

But where do they go in the winter? Some mosquitoes hibernate, and these tenacious creatures can be found in people’s cellars and in vacant houses. They can go the whole winter undetected by you, only to come back with a biting frenzy when the weather warms up. That’s why it’s important to work with a reputable pest control company to make sure your home does not become a favorite dwelling place for mosquitoes.

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